Public Speaking


Duration:  2 days session


For Public Speaking: How to make a good impact in Public Presentation.

To create a good Presentation is Public Speaking to the big cloud of audience such as internal speech and external presentation to partner or big group of customer.





• Thinking more clearly while under pressure

• Effectively articulating power message

• Delivering a maximum impact presentation

• Gaining expertise in handling difficult questions

• Stimulating positive audience reaction

• Enhancing visual and vocal power

• Presenting products and services professional





•  Hands-on experience

• Interactive coaching by instructors

• Audience observation and input

• Personal reviewed DVD Tape Recorder

• Role Play

• Individual feedback and evaluation



Topics of this class as follow:


Step 1:  Analyzing yourself: Find the Strength and Weakness of yourself when do presentation  to the Big group


Step 2:  Analyzing audience (DISC): Who is your Audience and What do they want the key message.


Step 3:  Preparing presentation – designing contents and visuals: Find the best Tool in Presenting to the group. Create the Key Points and design the method of Speech. Also….How to Dress like a Professional when you have to do a "Big Day in Presentation.


Step 4:  Developing presentation skill – Physical skills, vocal power, do and don’t in Presentation… How to make a good message clear by consider Time… Topics and Prepare for the questions that the audience may have.


Step 5:  Practicing Presentation: Presentation for small Group, Presentation Technique for a big Group presentation


Step 6:  Handling question technique: How to make a great impact when doing question and  Answer


Step 7:  Impressive closing presentation: Making a great good speech. Create good memorable  Key Words to the group How to develop a good personality in presentation


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