Leader And Coach (2 day)


Coaching has rapidly become recognized as a powerful strategy for effectively increasing human development and retention within organizations. Coach can set the foundation of working relationships that maximize individual engagement, team commitment and results


Coaching creates a powerful dynamic relationship between two people. However, rather than instruct, advise or problem solve, the job of the coach is to ask the questions, listen and empower. Coach is job to provide support to enhance the skills, resources and creativity the coachee already has to achieve extraordinary results.


Duration: 2-days session


Class Objectives:


               Develop your teams to maximize their strengths and enhance productivity

               Optimize organization and work design for success in service delivery teams

               Identify the appropriate management style for coaching and be able to use the right techniques to get the results

               Set coaching objectives which are measurable and activity based

               Develop competence and confidence through facilitating conversations

               Structure your coaching sessions and deliver quality feedback to your staff

               Take corrective action in more difficult situations


Our class help participants deal better with:


               Better Communication to the team

               Able to Coaching team effectively

               Run the meeting powerful and clear precise

               Reduce the conflict in the team

               Consistency lead team as a good leader




Day one:


Module 1: What is a coaching new role of management

Module 2: How to run Coaching with coachee

Module 3: How to run Coaching with coachee(Work-Shop)

Module 4: How to run an effective Employee Evaluation and Feedback


Day two:


Homework Summary: Consult One by one and Group Discussion

Module 5: How to be a good leader in Body Language, Listening Skills and Negotiation Skills

Module 6: How to Motivate

Module 7: Wrap it all together


Topics Addressed:


               Coaching Model

               The difference of Consultant, Trainer and Coach

               Reason for Coaching

               Defining characteristic of Coachee

               The Ease of Changing Competencies

               Step by Step in Coaching

               The Coaching Roadmap

               Win to Coaching


Primary Result:


Leaders who coach teams to work together can deliver results faster. In this program, the participants will gain the skills to structure, measure and tune performance in a team environment. Through session, you learn how to

become a leader who equips his or her team with the skills and capabilities to optimize productivity and performance and deliver high quality results.



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