Leadership Program for Manager


Today organizations face new and greater challenges and so do their leaders. Competition is fierce, the pace of change is relentless and the amount and complexity of information is overwhelming. The Tension between the absolute need to be strategic and the scarcity of time seems impossible to reconcile. Adding to this pressure is the challenge of attracting, developing and retaining the talent needed to remain competitive, adapt to change, and ensure the organization’s survival.


In this environment, it is no longer adequate for leaders simply to work harder and acquire new skills. Successful leadership today demands that leaders work on the right things and develop the right skills if they are to address their organization’s immediate and strategic challenges.


Duration: 2-days session


Key Objectives:


               Build leadership’s DNA

               Empowering, Motivating and Inspiring others

               Develop 3 anchors of leadership in the 21st century

               Enhance leadership in business paradigm

               Build leadership mindset for business succession




Module 1: Challenge your leadership

Module 2: Knowing yourself

Module 3: Knowing your subordinate

Module 4: Knowing your organization and strategy

Module 5: Energy teaching

Module 6: Wrap it all together


Topics Addressed:


               Fundamentals of contemporary leadership

               Managing, creating and leading change

               Powerful communications

               Leading through influence

               Managing challenging relationships

               Personal development and career management


Primary Result:


Participants will be able to apply situation of leadership skills and leverage leadership strengths based on the Dimensions of Leadership Characteristic. Participants will learn to understand to maximize productivity, shape a positive culture and promote harmony and can also lead individuals and teams using an appropriate leadership style.



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