Analytical Thinking


Understanding of Situation


ACE INA Overseas Insurance Company Limited would like CC Knowledge Base to

help in area of Innovative Thinking for ACE INA Overseas Insurance Company Limited

team to develop Innovation concepts and idea as well as upgrade essential skills in

Innovative Thinking in order to be a top company in competitive market.


Therefore, CC Knowledge Base would like to offer tailor-made training program

called “Analytical thinking” program to refresh their knowledge and update

marketing in new century.


What is “Analytical Thinking?”


Background and Methodology: Strategy Focus in Innovation is a strategic and

integrated process that delivers sustained success to organization by focusing to

the strategy that top executives have agreed, and developing the capabilities of

individual in the New Marketing Concept. The participant will get the ideas and

create new concept in Innovative Thinking in such as:


Educate: communicate to everyone who needs to know about product, brand

and service

Explore: learn who your customers are, why they buy, what they buy, why they

want, what they want, and how you can tap behaviour and prosper.

Elevate: what most customer want to do with their lifestyles and what your

product can help them accomplish.


So we would like to provide you the ideas of our services as below:


Key Objectives:


               Understand the main idea of Innovative Thinking Concepts

               Develop skills in New way of thinking

               Enhance the Innovation in a new area

               Understand the role of life-cycle of the innovative


Innovation exists inside everyone. If we expose

ourselves to a range of perspectives, our minds can

make new and surprising connections to create those

ideas that are nothing short of revolutionary.


The Innovation Game helps managers:


               CREATE AN INNOVATIVE ENVIRONMENT and support

a cultural shift throughout the organization

               INSPIRE PEOPLE to think outside of the box and

realize their own ability to be innovative.

               CREATE SHARED UNDERSTANDING among co-workers

about the need for innovation and the conditions

that support it


Agenda of the Class: “Analytical thinking to the business”


What is the Analytical Skills?

How you build a creative in you.

Work-shop Creativity


Understanding the Format of LEGO

And Work-shop


Learn from the Movie” The Miracle”

How you can get the thinking ideas from the movie..



How you can Identify Goal in Negotiation by using

Analytical Skills methods

Read the case Study and Work-shop


How to see the number and activity after see the graph

How to clear the picture with no picture


Summary: What did you learn from this skill?

How to apply to work


And his goal



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