Digital Marketing


Is a promoting or offering our products or services or brand via one or more forms through the electronic media such as Internet, social media, mobile phone applications and electronic billboards.  The promoting or offering can be called as “Advertising”, which is illustrated in the form of sending email, optimizing search engine result (SEO), or displaying banner ads on WebPages to reach potential customers. Digital marketing communications can be distributed at a faster rate and broader reach than traditional marketing communications. Marketing executive is most supportive of Digital Marketing because of the ability to easily track and measure results of the marketing communication. Because of the use digital technology, the results of a digital marketing effort can be tracked by reach, views, clicks, visits, response rates, purchases made and so on. Therefore, digital marketing trend is one of the best efficient channel, as well as other television, radio and newspaper channels, at present and the future.


Last two years, there has been a vast expansion in social media and online communication channels over. These new media channels and consumer devices have emerged due to advances in digital and mobile technology. This has had a big impact on the way the marketing, advertising and PR industries operate, creating a new digital marketing discipline. Then marketing, advertising and PR companies operate in a global market and campaign design is increasingly viewed in a global context. International campaigns are common for major clients, and organization will need to have an understanding of different cultural values around the world and how this could impact on a campaign.


Key Objectives:


At this program, participants should be able to:


               Provide an understanding of the digital marketing Concept

               Evaluate the key technologies and digital tools available

               How to use social media for digital marketing

               Learn to develop plans that leverage popular social media for
        customer acquisition and retention

               Understand how to use mobile and customized media to target
        customers more effectively

               What are the mistakes or unsuccessful factors in digital marketing

               Know how to integrate digital marketing with your offline strategies
        and traditional media

               Comparing between cost of the digital marketing and traditional
        marketing Channel VS Digital Marketing Channel

               Create strategies to bring customers into your innovation process

               How to match the target group with each target group

               Produce and curate relevant content to build customer relationships

               Develop new products, services, and business models for
        networked customers

               Digital marketing for 2013 and beyond

               Case Study




Module 1: Digital Marketing concept

Module 2: Digital media tools

Module 3: Marketing on social media for customers

Module 4: Digital marketing via mobile

Module 5: Mistake and unsuccessful factors

Module 6: Integration between digital marketing and traditional marketing

Module 7: Costs of digital marketing

Module 8: Digital marketing and customers

Module 9: Suitable media and customers

Module 10: Trend for 2013

Module 11: Case Study


Topics Addressed:


               Hands-on experiences

               Case Study


Primary Result:


Participants will discover what digital marketing is, types of digital

marketing channels, how to use digital marketing as a marketing tool

for present, digital marketing trend for present and future.



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