Financial Management for Non-Finance Managers


Key Objectives:


               Understand in detail of Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement,

        Financial Statements, closing the accounting books

               Understand financial reports interpretation and financial performance


               Identify the factors that drive the better and greater Profit, Return on


               Maximize Profit through various financial analysis techniques such as break

        even and discounted cash flows

               Improve Profit through cost reduction and cost control techniques

               Improve Cash on Hand through better and efficient working capital


               Succeed in business through Financial Planning and Budgeting applications


Duration: 2-days sessions


Who Should Attend?


 Sales and Marketing Managers, Administration Managers, Technical Managers, IT Managers, Operations Managers, Business Managers and Project Managers of medium to large organizations, Owners/Managers of smaller organizations.




?  Basis of the accounting system


    - The different functions of accounting

    - How does the accounting system work?

    - What is the chart of accounts?


?  Major accounting terms, principles and concepts


    - Assets and how they are valued

    - Liabilities and how they are valued

    - Equity and how it's disclosed

    - Revenue and expenditure

    - What are the provisions, accruals and prepayments?

    - Depreciation and other non-cash items

    - What is accrual accounting?

    - Profit versus cash


?  The financial statements


    - Understanding the connection between the financial statements

    - The Balance Sheet - the financial "snapshot" of the business

    - The Profit and Loss Statement - the historical record of trading

    - Internal versus external reporting

    - What are the more important items should look for?

    - What the financial statements will not disclose


?  Analysis of financial statements


    - How ratios are used to measure financial performance

    - The more important financial ratios you should know

    - What is Economic Value Added (EVA) and why you should understand it

    - How you can use ratios to better manage you business unit


?  Costs, volume and prices


    - Different types of cost behavior

    - How overheads are allocated or recovered

    - How you can use break-even analysis to better plan

    - How costs, volumes and prices affect profit

    - Costing and pricing products and services


?  Improving your management of working capital


    - Why is working capital important for a business?

    - How would you impact on your organization’s

      working capital

    - How much working capital does your business need?

    - Elements of good working capital management


?  Improving your capital budgeting


    - Planning for capital expenditure

    - What is the importance of the cost of capital?

    - Overview of major capital budgeting techniques


?  Improving your planning and budgeting


    - Business planning and budgeting

    - Why is budgeting necessary?

    - Budget preparations methods

    - How budgets can go wrong

    - Budget variances analysis



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