Multimedia E-learning has increased opportunities to communicate with a large number of people swiftly and easily. E-learning opportunities using latest technology are many, facilitating lifelong learning purposes, especially in the field of information and communication.


E-learning is an effective method of education and training that creates, fosters and delivers interactive learning anytime and anywhere. You learn with the help of your computer, information is well organized, so that you can easily find what you need and figure out your improving area for the further career achievement.


Duration: 2-days session


Turn any learning situation into a successful business strategy

with our E-learning tool that gives you:



               Measurable Results

               Self-Paced Process

               Consistent Training

               Easy to administer and create

               Increased Information and Retention

               Training on Demand

               Assessable, Anytime, Anywhere

               Affordable for any situation




               Facilitates innovative training and education resources

               Reduces capital costs associated with traditional training methods

               Develop improvised training; demonstrating very specific details textually
        and graphically

               Supervises general administration through Multimedia CD-ROMs or


Features Included:


               The Multimedia CD-ROMs or Web-based application provide a visual
        learning path, depicting all relevant courses with a brief description of

        the content of each course

               Learners access course content right off CD-ROMs or Web-based

               Features introduce the learner to the manager or administrator who
        monitors the learner’s progress

               System allows learners to benefit from a self-serve environment that
        answers questions pertaining to their courses

               Enable learners to make quick digital notes that are printable

               Contains logo upload feature for client customization of style template

               Supports unlimited number of learners and learner paths all controlled
        in the administration system

               Enables easy course development

               Creates dynamic navigation for the learner, based on learning path

               Easy to develop assessment tools (Multiple Choice tests and
        True/False Quizzes)

               Enables quick set-up of learners, managers and administrators

               Generates report on all users


Primary Result:


Our E-learning sets up the state-of-the-art features to create your particular E-learning solution in-house and helps you keep up to date with best practices and tools in the area of E-learning applicable to your business. Our E-learning enables interactive learning in multi-user environments, a truly valuable and memorable experience



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