Problem Solving & Decision Making


Duration:  1-day session


Anticipate & identify problems


1.1 Recognize problem area

•  Define what constitutes a problem and a change
•  Differentiate planned change and deviation from norm or Standard    Operating Procedures(SOPs)
•  Anticipate the problem using logical deduction


1.2 Describe and assess the impact of a problem

•  Identify deviations from norm and SOPs based on the symptom identified
•  Identify impact of the problem on one’s immediate area of responsibilities
    and parties Involved
•  Workshop 1


Generate and evaluate alternative solutions to a problem

2.1 Generate and select ideas to solve a problem

•  Generate practical ideas relevant to the root causes of the problem
•  Demonstrates lateral (creative) thinking during the stage of the idea generation


2.2 Evaluate selected ideas for possible solutions to a problem

•  Generate a list of pertinent criteria necessary to the resolution of the problem
•  Consider the strengths and limitations/constraints of each selected ideas
•  Workshop 2


Make a decision and take responsibility for it

3.1 Indicate a preferred solution and devise a plan to implement the selected solution

•   Communicate the preferred solution using the most suitable mode of communication
•  Develop an action plan to implement the selected solution


3.2 Evaluate and take ownership of the implemented solution

•  Evaluate effectiveness of the implemented solution
•  Identify preventive measure(s) to avoid similar occurrence in the future
•  Workshop 3


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