Organization Design and Restructuring


Duration: 1-day session

By Suwich Nugoolsuksiri

CC Knowledge Base

In today’s dynamic and competitive environment , the capabilities to adapt the structure, systems , work processes and cultures to supports and enhances business strategy efficiently and effectively are importance for organization. Organizational design / restructuring is not only moving the boxes, but also a fundamental and strategic tool of organization to create

competitive advantage and drive organization performance.


The alignment of structure with strategy, clearly define the functional and positions’ roles, effective work process and linkage to improve work standard  and efficiency etc. and also the implementation of change are the challenges for the today’s organization.


This workshop will provides core principles, framework, models, tools and examples of organization design with a practical processes of assessing and designing an organization and functional structure / restructure that will enable participants to have the ways of organizing work to achieve your visions efficiently.


Agenda :

Module 1  : The principles , frameworks and models  on organization design

Module 2 :  Organization diagnosis

                  Workshop 1 : Current organization review & discussion


Module 3 : Conceptual design : Macro-structure

                  Workshop 2 : Case study - Macro-structure design


Module 4 :  Micro-structure design : Link to Functions & positions

                  Workshop 3 : Case study - Functional structure and job design


Module 5 : Linkage of organization and other HR Tools

Module 6 : The guidelines for change

                  Workshop 4 : Case study - Implementation plan


Q&A and Discussion


Key Objectives :

?  Learn the theories and practices on organization design

?  Develop competencies in organization diagnosis and design

?  Know how to make its change effectively


Topic Addressed :

?  Learn the principles , frameworks and models  for organization design

?  Learn the methodology and tools for organization diagnosis

?  Learn the approaches of effective organization design

?  Practice the process to design the organizational and functional structure

?  Learn the guidelines on implement the change


Who will Benefit From The Course ?


?  Executives and Managers who are responsible for

     organization management

?  HR and OD Managers , Professionals and Internal Consultants

     who involved in planning , organizational or divisional structuring

     / restructuring ,  giving advise or supporting structural changes in

    an organization


Primary Result :

Participants will gain the knowledge and skills to tackle organization design / restructuring  projects and approach to design effectively and use various tools and techniques to make good organization design decisions through exercises, case studies,  group discussions and examples.




บริษัท ปตท.สำรวจและผลิตปิโตรเลียม จำกัด (มหาชน)

บริษัท ปตท. เคมิคอล จำกัด (มหาชน)

บริษัท ไออาร์พีซี จำกัด (มหาชน)

บริษัท พีทีที เมนเทนแนนท์ แอนด์เอ็นจิเนียริ่ง จำกัด

บริษัท ท่อส่งปิโตรเลียมไทย จำกัด

บริษัท สยามพิวรรธ์ จำกัด, ฯลฯ



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